About Sun Trade Beads

In 1996, Kati Torda established the retail shop, Sun Trade Ltd, in order to promote the local and export sale of beads, jewelry, and handicrafts from Ghana. Located in Asylum Down, Accra, Sun Trade Beads has become one of Ghana’s most sought after shops for finding hidden treasures and features a vast selection of handmade items that are sure to suit every style and budget.

Sun Trade Beads is known for providing jewelry for traditional and social events (such as outdoorings and weddings), the sponsorship of beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss Ghana, and Miss Malaika, supplying TV stations with accessories for their announcers, providing jewelry for magazine photo shoots, fashion shows, TV programmes, and theatre productions.

Sun Trade Beads's mission is to:
* Promote Ghanaian beads and their relevant culture.
* Encourage modern bead production.
* Elevate jewelry designs to meet international standards.
* To provide employment with fair wages.
* To encourage and enable further education of employees without discrimination to gender, religion, ethnicity or physical ability.