Meet the Sun Trade Team

Kati Torda- Owner & Creative Director

Kati Torda’s work is a celebration of the bead tradition in Ghana. Her artistry consists in recognizing the special energy and balance among different materials and colors and bringing them together into stunning compositions. She was born in Abaujszanto, Hungary on 19 May 1959 and moved to Ghana in 1979 with her then Ghanaian husband. She has resided in Ghana ever since. Kati Torda was first attracted to Ghanaian beads when she started incorporating them into the macramé projects she did to keep herself from becoming bored in the rural town of Akwatia where they first lived. Her search for new beads began to open her eyes to an aspect of Ghanaian culture she was not previously exposed to. Over the years, beads became a way for Kati to identify with the culture in Ghana in order to express herself and find acceptance by making a welcome contribution.

The first exhibition to showcase Kati Torda’s beads was held in 1985 in the Loom Gallery in Accra and since then her jewelry designs have been exhibited and sold not only in Ghana, but her native Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Canada, and the USA. She is often invited to talk about the cultural significance of beads in Ghanaian life, both in Ghana and abroad. Kati is one of the three founding members of the Ghana Bead Society (est. 1994), which was the first of its kind in Africa. The main purpose of the society is to promote an appreciation of the significance of beads in both traditional and contemporary Ghanaian culture. In addition, they aim to compile a bead encyclopedia of historical and contemporary beads in Ghana with cultural reference as to names, meanings, and how and when to wear each bead. Kati opened the Sun Trade Beads shop in 1996.

Vivian Gbortsu- Director & Shop Manager

Vivian has been with Sun Trade Beads from day one- eighteen years ago. Her favorite aspect of work is helping customers find exactly what they came looking for. She also likes guiding and directing her junior staff members and supporting them in their tasks. Vivian is always pleased when bead traders come to the shop, and is eager to see what they have brought with them and to learn the stories of each bead so that she can pass it on to her customers. Lastly, Vivian likes going on business trips to learn about new beads and designs.

Francess Bempong- Shop Attendant

Kwamla Amenyo- Jewelry Producer

Kwamla has worked with Sun Trade Beads for eight years. His favorite aspects of his work are designing jewelry and dressing models for fashion shows and photo shoots. He is grateful to work in such a positive environment where everyone he works with is his friend. Kwamla is pictured here (on left) putting a bracelet on a model at the GTP Petals fashion show in 2013.

Angela Torvor- Jewelry Producer

Angela has worked at Sun Trade Beads for 2 ½ years. Since joining the Sun Trade team, she has enjoyed learning a lot about colors, specifically how to mix and combine colors. She is also a big fan of going to fashion shows and photo shoots to dress the models, and especially enjoyed the Miss Ghana 2013 show.

Comfort Kpata- Jewelry Producer

Comfort has worked at Sun Trade Beads for 2 ½ years. Her favorite work to do at Sun Trade Beads is stringing beads, especially the small waist beads that are used to make the side horn, tie loop, and multiline necklaces. Comfort also likes working at the fashion shows and photo shorts to dress the models.