Sun Trade Production

Sun Trade is a manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of beads, jewelry, and handicrafts from Ghana and other African countries.  We produce a wide variety of items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, waist and ankle beads, body chains, napkin rings, bag and phone accessories, and charms.  Our monthly production capacity is anywhere between 50 to 200 items per day, which are sold on the local market and exported to customers in Denmark, Hungary, the United States, Canada and Germany.  Sun Trade is also able to do custom design and private label production for other designers and companies.

Raw Materials

Sun Trade designs and produces jewelry from a wide range of beads and other materials.  The jewelry components are made from the following ethically sourced materials:

 Sun Trade Beads sources beads from the following suppliers:

Other Products & Designers in the Shop

Sun Trade Beads Shop also carries a variety of other products and designers such as:

  • Ahene Pa Nkasa Jewelry– Recycled glass and bronze beaded jewelry
  • African Trade Beads
  • Alhaji Hudu Moro- African Trade Beads
  • Antique Furuwa bronze shea butter containers
  • Bamboo Afryk for Beyond Aid- Placemats, coasters, fans
  • Bob Dennis- Ewe Kente bedspreads, table cloths, placemats and coasters
  • Books on African and Ghanaian subjects
  • Bronze Figures
  • Chance for Children– Handmade cards
  • Chic Accessories– Textile and beaded jewelry, hair accessories, bags
  • Clonette Dolls– Replicas of the first industrial doll produced in Africa
  • Crafts from Mali
  • The Design Niche- (Dan Quaynor) metal and beaded candle holders and home accessories
  • Diva Delicious– Bags
  • Edtex Ltd.- Batik table cloths
  • Hand painted wall art and magnets
  • Indigo fabrics
  • Kente shawls
  • Kuba cloth & raffia
  • Leila Khliad – Fabric necklaces
  • Mauritanian scarves
  • Mud Cloth/Bogolan
  • Ndzema Jewelry Designs
  • New Page Batik Applique children’s accessories- bags, apron, bibs
  • Postcards and Cards
  • Sole Inspiration– Leather bags, belts, bracelets and accessories
  • Tuareg Jewelry
  • Unknown Collection– One-of-a-Kind Jewelry
  • Zuka Bags